Amit Shah asks MahaGirbandhan- BJP’s PM face Narendra Modi, who are you?

Amit Shah asks MahaGirbandhan- BJP’s PM face Narendra Modi, who are you?
12 Feb

Ahmedabad: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah on Tuesday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the public support for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, which has immense public support. Shah, while launching ‘My Family – BJP Family’ campaign from Gujarat, said that general election is an important step for India to become a global super power.

Shah, addressing the BJP workers, said, “I am roaming in the country … I can see that people are standing with Modi like a rock and their eyes can be seen in support.” He said, “The Maha coalition is made up of state level leaders only. This will not affect the BJP’s electoral prospects. ”

He also said, “The BJP workers ask questions about the general body, what will happen? I tell them to remove the fear of the main alliance. “Amit Shah, speaking on an attack on the Maha coalition, said,” Narendra Modi is the prime ministerial candidate of BJP, who is your (Great Alliance) candidate? ”

Amit Shah said, “From 2014 to 2019, we have made a successful attempt to strengthen democracy, strengthen the organization and increase the acceptance of the party’s ideology. All this means that in 2019, Narendra Modi should again become the Prime Minister of the country. ”

He further said, “The manner in which our workers are being tortured in Bengal, rallies are not allowed to be done. We do not suppress the pressure of Mamta Banerjee, but the BJP goes ahead with the party and the glory. Due to the expansion of our party this time, even in West Bengal and Odisha, the BJP is going to flag the flag. ”

Shah started the campaign by hoisting the flag of the party at his residence. Under this campaign to reach a large number of BJP, there is a plan to hoist the party’s flag on the voters’ houses. More than 5 crore workers in the country are going to give their support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by flagging the BJP’s flag at his house.

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