Swaggy food from the food, opened on a parcel, found in a bloody bandage

Swaggy food from the food, opened on a parcel, found in a bloody bandage
13 Feb

New Delhi: If you are crazy about online food then you may feel shocked. Many times we have seen people complain of online food. In which the insects and other things have been found along with stale and dirty food. A few months ago, an online food delivery boy’s video became viral in which he was found eating and eating from parcel. But all these were quite small cases. Today we can have a great shock to the ones who are going to tell you anecdote.
Actually a young man from Chennai had ordered food from Swigi, he got a blood bandage (bandage) in this food. The young man immediately shared his picture on Facebook. According to the information, Balmurugan Deendayalan of Chennai has written a post on eating food from Swigi, posted on Facebook, in this post, the blood band band has been shown. Post on Facebook by Balamurugan, immediately started to be viral. After posting viral, Swgie ordered an inquiry into the matter.

What was the whole case
Balamurugan Deendayalan ordered his food from Swigi The restaurant name was Chop N Sticks. Balamurugan made delicious Siswan procession for lunch and then as soon as he opened it to eat. They said that there is a bandage in it containing blood. After this, Balamurugan immediately called the Restaurant and Swigi but there was no response from anywhere. The user then posted this information on Facebook and highlighted the whole matter.
Balamurugan also told that when he complained, he was asked to return the money. The restaurant manager said, “One of our staff was hurt in the packing section, so the bandage came in error. We have assured the user that it will not happen again and we will take care of this thing. Asked if the refund is acceptable to him, we have been asked not to do this again, he is our regular customer. ”
After being viral, Swigi also immediately apologized on the post and promised to strictly investigate the restaurant with strict linkage. After that the Assistant Manager of the restaurant apologized for commenting in the post and asked to refund the money. When Balamurgun could not get help, she helped him on social media.

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