Supporters of terrorism in Warsaw are engaged in conspiracy against our locality

Supporters of terrorism in Warsaw are engaged in conspiracy against our locality
15 Feb

President of Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, reacting to the Varsa Conference, said that some people who are themselves supporter of terrorism are engaged in creating conspiracies against our area in the talks.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani, who arrived in Iran, Russia Turkey Summit in Russia’s city list, said in his meeting with his Ottoman counterpart, Tyob Ardogan that cooperation of all countries is necessary for fighting terrorism. He said that cooperation between Iran and Turkey is continuing in the fight against terrorism, it is a matter of regret that terrorist organizations in the region have been receiving help from outside forces for years, especially from the United States.

President Rouhani has said about Iran-Turkey relations that many bilateral agreements are being executed while we hope that blockages to the rest of the agreements will be overcome soon.

Dr. Rouhani said that we are ready to increase cooperation in the field of energy and meet the needs of Turkey’s oil and gas. Joint Commission officials should speed up the agreements with the two countries, increasing the mutual consultation.

President Rouhani said about the summit in Iran, Russia and Turkey on the list that while we are taking steps to fight terrorism in Syria and peace and stability in the city of Russia in the list of cities, some who themselves themselves Supporters are engaged in conspiracy against our area in Wartus.

In this meeting, Turks President Ardogan said that the Ottoman population has taken an oath of terrorism and we will continue bilateral and regional cooperation with Iran to fight terrorism.

The Turk President said that we are ready to execute all agreements at a fast pace. He said that we welcome the financial system prepared by the European countries for trade from Iran, we will also assist in this and also prepare to form a similar second bilateral system.

Ardogan condemned the terror attack near Iran’s south-eastern city Zahedan in this meeting and presented condolences on behalf of the Ottoman government and the public on this disastrous incident.

The Turkish President congratulated the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

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