The mother, who ran away from the leopard, ran away from the jaw and saved her red

The mother, who ran away from the leopard, ran away from the jaw and saved her red
17 Feb

A mother from Kurukuri Kuna Chahlwa village of Katnaniaghat range of Bahraich saved her red from going to the mouth of death. The incident is Saturday evening, when the son was playing in the courtyard of his house. Only then did Leopard enter the house and swooped on the child. The mother ran up to the leopard after listening to the child’s scream. While struggling, she snatched the son from the jaw of Leopard. In the meantime, people of the village also reached the spot while hanking. Leopard ran towards the forest on this. The injured child has been admitted to PHC.
Ankur, seven-year-old son of Uttam Kumar, resident of Kurukuri Kuna Chahlwa village under Katnaniaghat range of Katnaniaghat protected forest area was playing in the courtyard around 7:30 pm on Friday evening. Then, after leaving the jungle, a leopard ran into the house. At some distance, Ankur’s mother Savitri was making a meal in the verandah. Meanwhile, Leopard attacked the boy and tried to tighten it in the jaw. Hearing the child’s scream, the mother ran towards the courtyard, but after seeing the leopard, she agreed for a moment. But at the second moment, he showed bravery and immediately attacked the leopard on the leopard.

After a stiff struggle, he snatched his son from the jaw of the leopard. Ankur’s head and throat are injured. The neighbors and the people of the village ran hanking after listening to the cry of the mother. Listening to the noise, the leopard ran out of the reverse jungle. Information about the incident was given to the range office. Van Dorga Mayank Pandey has confirmed the leopard attack by reaching the spot with the team. The kind of bravery that Savitri did to save his son is discussed in his entire area. Meanwhile, patrolling has been increased in the area and the villagers have been instructed to be vigilant.
Leopard not imprisoned in cage after eight days
The leopard had made a donation to a 15-year-old teenage boy on Friday in Nijiya Gaudi village of the underground village panchayat under the Karkarah Rant of Katnaria Ghat protected forest area. After this people got disturbed by the inward arrival in the fields. On the complaint of villagers, DFO GP Singh installed a cage. Also, two thermos sensor cameras were installed to monitor the movement. The goat is tied in cage. But the leopard has not gone near. Gupt resident Rajesh Kumar, Manish Pandey, Sandeep Tiwari, Vinay Pandey have demanded to catch the leopard from the forest department. Forest Area Officer Karkarah Irfan Ahmad Ansari told that Deputy Ranger RB Rao, Forest Guard Sunil Jaiswal, Vachar Golu Yadav are continuously patrolling. Leopard has not come towards the farm. Be aware of the rural.

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