Iran’s first place in Middle East kidney transplant

Iran’s first place in Middle East kidney transplant
17 Feb

Islamic Republic of Iran has reached the first place in the Middle East countries in relation to kidney transplants.

According to the report of the news agency, the head of the research center of Shaheed Exhibition University of Iran has said that Iran is moving very rapidly in transplantation of the organ and Iranian doctors have acquired proficiency in “Organ transplant” at this time. .

Doctor “Abbas Basiri” told that Iran is currently one of the most developed countries of the whole of the Middle East in the kidney transplant. He said that Iran has achieved a lot of achievement in kidney transplants after the Islamic Revolution. Dr. Basiri said that at this time kidney successful transplant operation is being done in most parts of the country.

Head of the Research Center of Shahid Bahishi University said that the doctors of Iran have done more than 40 thousand successful kidney transplants and this is a symbol of our important abilities in the medical field.

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