Hindu MPs of Pakistan also reached Kumbh, said, “Come back with the passage of peace”

Hindu MPs of Pakistan also reached Kumbh, said, “Come back with the passage of peace”
23 Feb

Prayagraj: At the initiative of Prime Minister Modi, the delegates from 187 countries of the world who witnessed the grandeur and divinity of the Kumbh Mela of Prayagraj included Pakistan among them. On behalf of Pakistan, a Kumbh Mela arrived at the Kumbh Mela and said that this event is a sign of peace in the world.

Despite the Talukti in Pakistan’s relations after the Pulwama terror attack, India gave permission to the Pakistani delegation not only to attend the Kumbh Mela, but also to take special care of it here.

Among the representatives of 187 countries, Pakistani MP Dr. Ramesh Kumar Wakanani also came from Prayagraj with a special aircraft and reached the Kumbh fair directly from the airport. Ramesh Wakanai belongs to Sindhi society and Sindhi is also the president of the Hindu Council in Pakistan.

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At Kumbh Mela, he said that he has come with a message of peace and will return to Pakistan with peace from here also. According to Ramesh Wakanani, it is a matter of great pride for any Hindu to come and meet a dip of faith in the Ganga.

He says that through this fair, the whole world will know how big our Hindutva is. They have said that they come to Haridwar twice a year and even before the Aquarius has come. But this time the Indian government has called, so there is a special opportunity.

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They have also given a message of peace and peace between the two countries. Pak Delegate has said that India is going to be the biggest economy in the world, in the same way if India continues to go ahead, in the coming days, in the case of economy, it can become Asian Tiger but not the World Tiger. He has said that the relationship between the two countries should be better and the time for applying for accusations should also be closed.

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