Russia-China reciprocates Maduro’s support, warns US

Russia-China reciprocates Maduro’s support, warns US
23 Feb

China and Russia have supported Venezuela, saying that if there is any military action against this Latin American country, its good results will not be there.

In Venezuela, the opposition rebel leaders supported by Washington and its constituents are trying to get support package offered by Venezuela within Venezuela, while the Maduro government of Venezuela says that US is plotting against Venezuela in the name of aid And there is no need for Caracas of this help.

China’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday and said that the so called aid of the US should not be forced within Venezuela because it could cause violence.

President Maduro ordered Thursday that the Venezuelan border from Brazil should be closed, from where the aid is being made within Venezuela.

Russia has also said that the United States should not stop its activities against Venezuela and do not venture into violence in this country.

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