Turkey, 295 soldiers arrested

Turkey, 295 soldiers arrested
24 Feb

Turkey issued orders for the arrest of the spot service 295 other soldiers in connection with Fathullah Gulan Network.

Those soldiers who have been issued the arrest order, are accused of being part of the network of Fatehullah Gulan, the suspected character of the failed military insurgency in 2016, including 3 Colonels, 8 Colleges and Lieutenants.

According to the police, the police started operation for the arrest at night at 1 am after investigating phone calls of suspected Golan network. The Istanbul Police said that in this 55-hour operation, 150 officers and personnel have been arrested. In the failed military revolt in 2016, 250 people were killed. Since the year 2016, about 77 thousand people have been locked in jail against whom the lawsuit is going on.

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