Pakistan has canceled the agreement between the tensions, therefore it is special train

Pakistan has canceled the agreement between the tensions, therefore it is special train
28 Feb

This special train operates from Pakistan’s Lahore to the Atari of India.

Seven kilometers per hour, in four hours, a 27-km journey
After the war of 1971, the two countries agreed on the railway link road under the Shimla Agreement

Beginning of this train on July 22, 1976, from Attari to Lahore
After an Air Strike to destroy India’s biggest training camp in Pakistan based Jaish-e-Mohammad, Pakistan entered the Indian territory this morning and tried to attack the military bases here. However, the Indian Air Force forced Pak to return. In this action, where India killed an F-16 Fighter plane of Pakistan, India had to lose a MiG-21.
The tension between the two countries is increasing steadily. The work has been done to further strengthen this tension. Pakistan has stopped the operation of the Samjhauta Express train between the two countries. On Thursday, the train from Lahore was canceled. The Samjhauta Express is not a normal train but a bridge between the two countries.

This train was started between Attari-Lahore on July 22, 1976. The Samjhauta Express passes only three kilometers between Attari-Wagah. After the war in 1971, Shimla agreement was reached between the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and his counterpart Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Under this, India and Pakistan had agreed to make rail connections. Since the railway route from Attic to Lahore was already present, there was no blockage in starting the Samjhauta Express.

This train leaves from Lahore Junction of Pakistan at 8.30 am and at 12.30 pm Atari Shyam Singh arrives at the station. In between it has a halt wagon. This train takes four hours to travel 27 kilometers. The average speed of the train is seven kilometers per hour. This train of North Zone is Mail / Express which operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two days a week.

Security arrangements of the Samjhauta Express also remain top rated. While the tracks are checked before the train runs, the BSF jawans board the horses and ride along the train. Every coach of the train keeps his eyes open so that no unpleasant event can happen. Action is taken in any kind of sensitive event or in emergency immediately.
At the same time, regarding the cancellation of the train operations on behalf of India, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said that we did not get any instructions like canceling the Samjhauta Express. We will follow the guidelines given in this regard.

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