America is gathering information about India’s misuse of F-16 against India

America is gathering information about India’s misuse of F-16 against India
02 Mar

Washington: The US State Department has said that US is gathering information on Pakistan’s misuse of F-16 fighter aircraft reports. Indian Air Force showed some pieces of AMRAM on Thursday. India had shown these pieces to prove that Pakistan used F-16 fighter aircraft made in the US for air strikes on Indian military installations in Kashmir.

US Defense Department spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Cognon Falkner said, “Because of the unconditional agreement in foreign military sales contracts, we can not discuss the end user agreement in it.” At the same time, he said that America is the world’s largest state-of-the-art defense equipment manufacturer. The US has a strong end user monitoring agreement, which takes any charge of misuse of defense equipment very seriously.

Did not use any F-16 fighter aircraft – Pakistan

In fact, Pakistan had claimed on Wednesday that no F-16 fighter aircraft was used. He also denied that the Indian Air Force had killed one of its aircraft. On being asked about the news that Pakistan has violated the ‘end-user’ agreement with the US in the border conflict with India, a spokesperson from the Ministry of External Affairs said, “We are aware of these reports and gathering information. Are. ”

According to the Defense Security and Corporation Agency (DSCA) of the Pentagon, F-16 aircrafts are to increase the capacity of Pakistan in counter-terrorism operations. According to publicly available documents, the US has imposed approximately 12 restrictions on the use of F-16 aircraft on Pakistan.

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