Donald Trump again told to the Democrats, in trouble, sick

Donald Trump again told to the Democrats, in trouble, sick
03 Mar

US President Donald Trump has fiercely attacked his opponents and asked for Democrats that they are all sick.

Donald Trump on Saturday said that his country will defeat Daiich completely by today or Sunday. Addressing a conference in Maryland, Trump said that we will defeat the Dish 100 percent in Syria in Syria.

Trump said that within the American Congress there are people who hate America, they said that I dismissed FBI chief James Komi for this because he is a bad man.

Trump said that the Democrats want them out of the White House and are talking baseless.

Donald Trump is said to have gone very hard for the last week because the testimony that his former lawyer Michael Cohen gave against him against him in the US Congress made him very weak.

On the other hand, Robert Muller, who investigates Trump’s charges, will be presenting his investigation report to the US Justice Minister. He has examined Russia’s relationship with Russia’s presidential elections and Russia’s relationship with Donald Trump’s election campaign in the year 2016.

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