Inauguration of production line of Iran’s combat drone “Command-12”

Inauguration of production line of Iran’s combat drone “Command-12”
03 Mar

Production of command-12 fighter drone aircraft designed by Iranian experts has been officially started.

According to the report received, Iran-built Command-12 fighter drones have the ability to fly in the range of one thousand kilometers, piercing their targets by guided missiles, discover electronic warfare and enemy targets. Command-12 combat drone aircraft will be equipped with “Akhgar” missiles, which can kill up to 30 km. This drone will be controlled through ground stations, while it will automatically operate when necessary.

It is worth noting that the Iranian Air Force has also reached the latest system of carrier care LPS. With the help of LPS Technology, where the fighting strength of the Air Force’s warships will increase, financial savings will also help on the other hand and Iran will be completely free from the commitment of foreign countries.

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