Know why it is celebrated Women’s Day, what is the story behind it

Know why it is celebrated Women’s Day, what is the story behind it
08 Mar

International Women’s Day 2019: International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8. This day is discussed about the role and the achievements of women in the formation of society. It is also considered in these programs that how women should be strengthened where they are lagging behind.
Balance for Better is the theme of this time-
Every year there are some themes for women’s day. This theme is Balance for Better. International Women’s Day is being celebrated for years, but do you know what are the main reasons behind its celebration and why it is celebrated on March 8. Here we will tell you about this.
First Lady’s Day celebrated in 1909-
Women’s Day was first celebrated in America on February 28, 1909. The women working in the fabric factory in the United States in 1908 had a strike. After the end of this strike, women’s celebration was celebrated in 1909 in honor of women’s fame. However, for the first time the women’s day was not celebrated on March 8. Officially the International Women’s Day was announced on March 8, 1975 by the United Nations.

In 1917 was celebrated in Russia Women’s Day-
In America where women’s day was celebrated for the first time in 1909, women’s birth was celebrated for the first time in 1917 in Russia. Russia’s women had protested the First World War by celebrating Women’s Day on February 28. Along with this, in 1917, women used to strike for roti and cloth. After this strike, the Jar gave power and gave women the right to vote.

What happens on Women’s Day
On this day, programs are organized across the country in respect of women. Here social acceptance of women is accepted and appreciated. They are also rewarded. On the day of Women’s Day in the office, people in homes give gifts to women. Government and social institutions also honor some women on this day.

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