Lucknow: Two airplane engine lost in middle air, 245 passengers left

Lucknow: Two airplane engine lost in middle air, 245 passengers left
08 Mar

Air India plane going from Durgapur to Delhi suddenly got badly damaged in the middle. An emergency landing was carried out at its Amausi airport. The resentment of the passengers of the aircraft was not even far away, due to the engine failure, the departure of Goyaar from Patna to Delhi was also carried out in Amausi Emergency Landing. There were 245 passengers in both the planes, who survived the accident due to the accident.

At around Chhattri Charan Singh International Airport, the emergency landing of two planes took place in about 12 hours on Thursday. The planes furiously over the airline administration of passengers. Air India Flight (AI 755) flew Delhi to Durgapur at 6 a.m. on Thursday morning. It was on the way that the engine stopped suddenly due to the disturbances. After this, the other engines started to sound sharply, the pilot immediately informed the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). On the other hand, due to the deterioration of the plane’s balance, there was a rift in the passengers. After receiving the instructions from ATC, the aircraft was diverted to Amausi airport. Airport administration immediately installed full emergency and alerted the ambulance to fire brigade. The security forces also took up the morcha. At 6.59 a.m. on the successful landing of the aircraft, the lives of passengers died. The aircraft had 108 passengers, including the crew. After this Air India arranged a second aircraft at 3.37 pm from Delhi and the passengers were dispatched to Durgapur.

Fierce ruckus on the counter of Air India
Passengers traveling to Delhi from Durgapur, who landed in Lucknow, fiercely attacked the Air India counter. He had to wait until late evening and he did not get any accurate information from the airline administration, he grew upset. Air India sent many passengers to Delhi, while some others sent after the second flight.

Breathing relief on Emergency landing
On the other hand, an engine of GoAir Flight (G8 150) going from Patna to Delhi was stuck, with the crew stuck with 137 passengers. At the information of the pilot, the ATC instructed to land the fly-by-air flight in Amausi. On the other hand, the airport administration urged the full emergency to call the ambulance, the fire brigade and the emergency landing of the aircraft at 6.17 pm. After this the passengers breathed in relief.

Their Emergency Landing …
From where on the flight with emergency landing passenger crew
Air India (AI 755) Delhi to Durgapur at 6.39 AM to 108
GoAir (G8 150) from Patna to Delhi at 6.17 pm 137

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