Sharad Pawar says BJP will not get full majority, Modi does not accept the situation in coalition

Sharad Pawar says BJP will not get full majority, Modi does not accept the situation in coalition
13 Mar

New Delhi: NCP President Sharad Pawar has said a big deal today. He said that BJP will not get majority in the Lok Sabha elections. Even if it is the biggest party, then it will also require coalition. BJP can become a big party but it will not get majority and Narendra Modi will not be accepted in the alliance situation. Narendra Modi will not be the Prime Minister after this election. They will not get the figures they want for the majority.

Apart from this, he said that Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani too have lost the elections, but I never lost the election. Therefore, it is childish to comment on BJP if I do not fight my elections. There was a by-election in Gondia in which the NCP won, so the BJP should look at itself.
Said this about Ajit Pawar
Sharad Pawar said that it is being alleged that Ajit Pawar has hijacked the party, it is crazy to say such a thing.

Speak on coalition
Sharad Pawar said that the talks with the Swabhimani Shetkari Sanghat have been held. The discussions of the Swabhimani Shetkari Sangathan and the NCP are being proved as a solution and the demands of their place will be fulfilled. Swabhiman Shetkari Sangathan has been given seats from our account. His talks with the Congress are going on. This situation has not yet come to the congress and the NCP, contesting only 24 seats, leaving 48 seats in the state.

Sharad Pawar spoke on air strikes, notebooks
Sharad Pawar said that we do not want to do politics on the air strikes made by Indian Army. People who are skeptical about their victory, people are doing politics. RBI has said that even though we had asked not to ban the ban, the government had issued a ban on the ban. Many people had to lose employment because of the ban on bondage.

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