Venezuela invites help from Iran

Venezuela invites help from Iran
14 Mar

The Latin American country Venezuelan President has sought help from Iran to explore the recent cyber attacks on power centers in the country.

According to the news agency Erna’s report, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro has requested cooperation with countries and institutions with experience in curbing cyber attacks. He has appealed to the Islamic Republic of Iran including the United Nations, China and Russia to help him investigate the cyber attacks by the United States on Venezuela’s energy centers.

In addition, the President of Venezuela has issued an order to form a special committee in which it has been said that the services of international experts have been made. He has said that the experts involved in the International Committee will immediately put clues on the cyber attacks on Venezuela’s energy centers. Maduro has also claimed that cyberattacks have taken place in Houston and Chicago city of America on their energy centers in the country. Meanwhile, China has offered support for supply of power: Punja in Venezuela.

It is worth noting that Venezuelan government opponents attacked the power system of this country and blocked supply of electricity from 15 provinces. With the ban on Venezuela, the government wants to overthrow the Venezuelan government’s board by supporting opponents.

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