Iran also extended hand to relations with countries which are cut off from Iran

Iran also extended hand to relations with countries which are cut off from Iran
18 Mar

President Rouhani has said that Iran wants to increase ties with all neighboring countries.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani, referring to the fact that Tehran wants good relations with all his neighboring countries, said that if some neighbors have some difficulties, then it has started from them.

He addressed a public meeting in Bushahr of southern Iran on Sunday, calling Tehran the purpose of development of the entire region and said that Iran has good relations with neighboring countries including Qatar, Oman, Turkey, Azerbaijan Republic, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan And we want to have relations with all the neighbors.

Doctor Rouhani mentioned Iran-Iraq relations as a model for the world, including the region, mentioning his recent Iraq tour. He said: “Iraq’s 3-day visit and the negotiations and agreements with Iraq mean that the relations between Tehran and Baghdad are not limited to just two governments, but it is a relationship between all sections, groups, politicians and social and religious figures. Shows.”

In the same way, pointing out the conspiracy of harming the enemy of Iran, he said that the conservative governments of America, Zyoney and the region are pushing the Iranian public but will not be able to bow down to the great Iranian nation.

In response to the inauguration of a huge project of energy sector of the $ 11 billion capitalized country in the fourth phase of the Iranian paras, the Iranian President said that such projects show that despite the pressure of the enemy, Iran will continue to grow on its way

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