Iran: When the gossamer “or Hadar Karrar” slogan in the boxing ring

Iran: When the gossamer “or Hadar Karrar” slogan in the boxing ring
18 Mar

The famous Iranian wrestler Ammari Ali Akbari of MMA or mixed martial arts dusted his American rival into the MMS Heavyweight conclave held in Russia.

According to the received report, Sunday night in the MMS heavyweight competition held in Russia, the famous boxer Amir Ali Akbari of Iran knocked out American boxer Sheilaton Grayz. Ali Akbari made a strong slogan after winning the match or forging the contract and celebrated the victory of Iran’s beautiful national flag.

It is notable that the Iranian wrestler Amir Ali Akbari, who has been a former champion of Greco-Roman wrestling, and in 2017, in the second round of the MMA in Raisin Cup, in the second match of the American Fighter Tyler King, he got into the ring and knock them in just 1 minute 39 seconds Was out

Amir Ali Akbari always starts with his slogan, or with a slogan of a hard-hitting Karrar, and even after winning the match, he used this slogan. The slogan used by Akbari or Hadar Karrar seems to be very much liked in the world of boxing. Prior to the MMS Heavyweight competition in Russia, American Boxer had claimed several times that this fight will win this fight very easily and unilaterally, but Ali Akbari rained and dusted them.

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