India again gave a signal to China’s BRI meeting

India again gave a signal to China’s BRI meeting
22 Mar

India’s objections to China’s ambitious project BRI (Border Road Initiative) persist. For this reason India has indicated for the second time also to boycott the sharing of the forum with China on this issue. Indian Ambassador to China Vikram Mishri has said that India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity concerns are not being respected in this project. In such a situation, there is no question of taking part in India in the second meeting.

Vikram Mishri said, “Any attempt like BRI should be implemented in such a way that respect for the sovereignty of the respective countries, their locality, respect for integrity, sovereignty and equality etc. If this is not done then any country can not be part of such efforts by overcoming these major concerns. ”

Another important meeting related to this ambitious BRI project of China is going to be held in Beijing next month. India has boycotted the first meeting in 2017 due to the same objections. China has created the BRF (Bold and Road Forum) for International Cooperation to give the BRI an integral form. It has many country members like Pakistan, Singapore, Italy India’s worries had increased after China took the 99-year lease in exchange for loans from the Hambantota port of Sri Lanka.

Follow the scope of global law
Indian envoy Vikram Mishri has said that he himself has shared the global aspiration to strengthen road, rail and ship links with many countries and world organizations and it is an integral part of our economic and diplomatic initiative. But we believe that this initiative should be within the scope of recognized international norms, good governance and law. For this, the emphasis on social and environmental protection should follow the principles of openness, transparency and financial stability.

Objection on the part that passes through POK
Under BRI, China is connecting many countries of the world with the road. Part of this initiative is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPC), which is passing through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Since India claims its claim on this part, India has been objecting to it since the beginning. This is also a major reason for India’s opposition to the project.

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