Yemen’s Defense Minister’s big statement, in the days to come, the world will see what happened suddenly

Yemen’s Defense Minister’s big statement, in the days to come, the world will see what happened suddenly
24 Mar

Yemen’s Defense Minister has announced that in the fifth year of the resistance of Yamni, suddenly such important achievements will be presented in the event that the Yamni Nation will have great success.

According to the report, Yemen’s Defense Minister, Mohammad Nasir Alaetifi has said that the enemy made every kind of conspiracy to capture the land of Yemen and adopted all kinds of weapons, but in these five years only he had to face defeat. is. He said that Saudi Arabia and its allies were constantly bombing us with the help of some so-called Arab States called the so-called Super Power and they were thinking that we would kneel in front of their atrocities in a few days, The brave people of Yemen piled in front of their strong resistance.

Yemen’s Defense Minister said that the armed forces of Yemen are equipped with various defensive weapons and power. He said that the biggest thing is that Yemeni army and volunteer force are fighting to protect the poor and tyrannical people of their country, so their intentions are very strong and they can not defeat any force in the world with such determined intentions. Mohammed Nasir Alatifi said that the enemy knew that his purpose in Yemen was not to be fulfilled. Meanwhile, Major General Ali Alamoshki, Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces of Yemen recently said that the Yemeni army has taken the pledge that we will not let the soldiers of any country attacking the Yemen do not let us live from our country.

It is noteworthy that in spite of the gruesome surroundings of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its components, the security forces of this country’s army and self-help forces are increasing day by day. Be aware that on March 26, 2015, Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen with the support of the United States, United Arab Emirates and some other countries in which thousands of Yemenis have been killed so far. Among the killers, there are carefully qualified children and women. Due to the strong resistance of the Yamini masses, Saudi Arabia and its constituents have not been able to manage any of their targets in Yemen so far.

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