Is oil refreshing from Aib even in the wake of Golan Heights and Betul Mukaddas?

Is oil refreshing from Aib even in the wake of Golan Heights and Betul Mukaddas?
25 Mar

This is the hottest issue in Israeli leaders and media this time, from the Gaza Strip, missile fired at Mishimirt’s terrain. Israeli political and media corridors claim that the missile was fired from the Gaza Strip and the oil dropped on the Mississippi settlement passing over Abib.

Located in the north of Abib, there are more than 1 thousand people living in the town named Mishmirit. Six Israeli wounded in this missile attack, but their injuries are minor.

None of Gaza-based Palestinian organizations have so far accepted the responsibility of the missile attack. A few days ago, Israel also claimed to have fired two missiles from Gaza. Both of these missiles also fell to the oil Abib, in response to which Israel made air raids on 100 bases of Hamas and Jihad Islamic organizations in the Gaza Strip. Neither did any Palestinian organization take responsibility for this attack.

The question is, if the missile attacks are being carried out from the Gaza Strip, then why are the Palestinian organizations that attackers not accept responsibility for these attacks? Some commentators say that Palestinian organizations did not accept responsibility because they did not attack it, but behind the drama of the attack itself is the hand of the government of Binayamyin Netanyahu. Netanyahu, who announced his return to Israel immediately after summarizing his visit to the US, is getting a huge challenge from the rivals in the April 9 parliamentary elections and it has become difficult for him to win the elections. It is also a threat to Netanyahu that he can go to jail like former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert because he has serious allegations of corruption and in the event of absence of power, investigation of corruption will go on in a powerful way, therefore Netanyahu It will be difficult to save your neck.

Netanyahu is spreading the notion within Israel that with the help of the United States Trump government, he can do anything for Israel, which includes the defeat of Hamas and Jihad Islamic threats, while the power of Israel goes to someone else’s hands If so, this danger will be even more serious in front of Israel.

At the same time, a large section of commentators believe that missile attacks have been carried out by Palestinian organizations, and they have crossed the oil Abiab in this attack and targeted Mishimirit and have given the message that no area of ​​Israel is safe. The Netanyahu government announced to the American government that the territory of Golan Heights of Syria was the land of Israel, and the Trump government transferred the American embassy Betul Muqaddas from Tel Aviv, but the Israeli government engaged in grabbing new territories, Unable to keep it safe too.

Within a few months, Israeli conflict was fought by Israeli organizations, within 48 hours, Netanyahu had to compel the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah to stop the ceasefire with the assistance of the Ascenan, because the number of tens of millions of Israelis in many underground shelters Keeping up to Netanyahu could have had a very expensive deal. That’s because it is Israeli who migrated from different countries to the illegal Palestinian territories, if they see their safety in jeopardy, then the process of returning to their home will get even faster, which is already going on.

Palestinian organizations have recently activated Palestinians settled in the Palestinian areas of Israel, and these Palestinians have made strong attacks on Israel by introducing great courage. The recent example is the brave Palestinian martyr Abu Laila. The 18-year-old young man attacked Israeli soldiers from Chaku, snatched his gun and fired on Zionists soldiers, there were at least four Zioni casualties in the attack. Later Israeli soldiers martyred Abu Laila in a clash. Misleading attacks from the Gaza Strip will make the freshness of the Palestinian land like Abu Laila grow. Escapes

It clearly means that in trying to grab the territory of Golan Heights and Holy City Betul Muqaddas in Syria, Netanyahu has made it difficult to handle oil Abib and Haifa.

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