If Hudadda attacks, we will attack Saudi Arabia and within the building

If Hudadda attacks, we will attack Saudi Arabia and within the building
26 Mar

Syed Abdul Malik Alhousie, President of the Ansarullah movement of Yemen, has warned that if the attacks in Hudadia province of Western Maine accelerate, the army of Yemen and the self-serving forces will attack within Saudi Arabia and the building.

In his speech, broadcast by Alamaseera TV channel, Abdul Malik Alhousie said on the occasion of the completion of four years of the military coup of the Saudi coalition on Yemen, that the Saudi coalition is repeatedly violating the ceasefire in Swvenon, this would prove to be That his only goal is to capture Yemen. “We have decided from the very beginning that Swadden will follow the agreement and we are following it till date.

Abdul Malik Alhousie said that as far as the tactical industry and technology are concerned, then we have the same who is also not near Saudi Arabia and the restitution. He said that the fifth year of war against Yemen will be the year of big successes, in this we will increase our defense and strengthen the internal fronts further.

Abdul Malik Alhousie said that the attackers received international support, but all the conspiracies against the persistence and resistance of our nation were unsuccessful. They said that we are protecting our country and for the part of our land, the attackers will also be forced to flee.

Syed Abdul Malik Alhousie has called for mass demonstrations in different parts of the country on Tuesday so that the attackers should be given the message that the fifth year of war has begun and we are all firmly grounded.

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