Modi government’s smart city scheme flop, Kashi’s right to china – Congress

Modi government’s smart city scheme flop, Kashi’s right to china – Congress
27 Mar

New Delhi: Congress has called the ‘flop’ due to the inadequate amount of funds released by the Central Government’s ambitious Smart City project. Congress has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released only eight percent of his constituency Kashi to make a smart city. Congress spokesman Randeep Surjewala on Wednesday said on the basis of information received under Right to Information (RTI) that on this scheme of making 100 smart cities in the country, the Modi government has released only seven per cent in five years. Accordingly, this project will take 52 years to complete.

Modi has got the right to Kashi – Surjevala
Surjevala, accusing Prime Minister Modi of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi not being able to do justice in this scheme, said, “Modi, who claims Kashi to make Kyoto, issued a mere 8.63 percent amount for the Varanasi Smart City mission. Kashi has the right to be chained. ”

Surjevala, on the basis of information received from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Affairs in RTI, said that due to the government’s financial oversight of the smart city mission, the scheme has died in five years. He said that for this scheme, the government had to release more than Rs 2.7 lakh crore, but only seven percent of the amount (Rs 14,882 crore) was released.

Government not aware of current status of project- Congress
Congress spokesman said that the government itself is not aware of the current state of the smart city project. The ministry has accepted it in its own reply. He said that apart from Kashi, the government has done injustice to all the major cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Ghaziabad and the government has done injustice to this scheme. Delhi receives only Rs 196 crores in place of around two thousand crores.

Congress leader said, “It is clear from the fact that the smart city mission has proved to be a new addition to the Modi government. Instead of building a city and building a house, it was easy to get the job done. “

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