Rohani: Government will compensate the victims of floods

Rohani: Government will compensate the victims of floods
27 Mar

President of Islamic Republic of Iran Dr. Hassan Rohani has said that the government will use all its capabilities to compensate the victims of the flood victims.

Hassan Rouhani expressed his sorrow at the fence in some provinces in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday and said that the efforts made in the past forty years have seen very good effect this time but this effort is not enough, we have to do more work now. .

Dr. Ruhani said that removing the dirt of the rivers, taking a comprehensive plan to protect cities coming in the range of danger, taking water towards lakes and major rivers, building dams, rehabilitation of roads and railway lines is an important step. Through which we can turn this problem into a better opportunity.

Due to heavy rainfall in recent days in India, water was flooded in some states including Gulistan, Mazandaran, Fars and Luristan.

In Shiraj Nagar on Monday, 21 people were killed and dozens more injured due to the rapid drift of the water.

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