Golan Heights is the unbreakable organ of Syria: the Security Council

Golan Heights is the unbreakable organ of Syria: the Security Council
28 Mar

US President Donald Trump, without any precaution, has done the work in support of Israel, the previous US president had been avoiding the execution.

One of the things Trump has done in support of Israel is to give the recognition of Israeli land to Golan Heights of Syria on 25 March 2019. The sequence of responses on international trade at Trump International continues. In the same perspective, the meeting of the Security Council was held on Wednesday.

Most members of this council opposed Trump’s decision. In this meeting, except for the US, 14 members of the Security Council once again emphasized that Golan Heights is an unbreakable organ of Syria.

Bashar Jafri, Syrian ambassador to the Nation, said about this that 14 members of the Security Council had opposed Trump’s decision and actually struck Tel Aviv with a strong slap. A unilateral effort of the American is a dangerous action, which is paving the way for the end of international rights and laws and this action is actually an insult to the Nation.

Russian Ambassador to the Russian Federation, Vladimir Safankov, also opposed Trump’s decision, stressing that the American move on Golan Heights is an open violation of international laws and Moscow has warned of its consequences regarding the security of the region and The United States has called for a violation of international laws, because this style is failing and go About science Heights American Declaration of legal status will not change.

Chinese Ambassador Wu Haitu in the Nation also opposed Trump’s decision, saying that the Nation has stressed in its proposals that Golan Heights is the surplus land of Syria.

However, European components of the US, including Russia, China and Syria, have also opposed Trump’s declaration, and member countries of the Security Council have described US unilateral action as a violation of the international laws and proposals of the League of Nations.

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