Priyanka Gandhi spoke in Ayodhya – PM Modi went to eat biryani in Pakistan

Priyanka Gandhi spoke in Ayodhya – PM Modi went to eat biryani in Pakistan
30 Mar

New Delhi: In the Lok Sabha elections, neighboring Pakistan, Pakistan’s movement has also emerged as a big issue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is accusing the leaders of opposition parties including Pakistan for favoring Pakistan on the pretext of rhetoric about Balakot air strikes. At the same time the opposition parties are reversing every allegation.

On Friday, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who reached Ayodhya (Faizabad), fondly took over Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “She (PM Modi) had gone to Pakistan Biryani.” Priyanka replied on the question that BJP is saying that if Congress wins then Pakistan will be happy.

Keep in mind that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Pakistan suddenly in December 2015. He attended a private program of then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan.

Priyanka Gandhi, in-charge of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, also wished to fight the seat of Varanasi. During a meeting with party workers in Rae Bareli on Thursday night, Priyanka had said in a slightly flawed manner on the suggestion of a worker on the suggestion of contesting from Rae Bareli, “So should I not fight against Benares?”

Priyanka on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of Ayodhya for not giving enough time to his own parliamentary constituency Varanasi and further speculation about his constituency contesting from Varanasi. However, Priyanka had asked a direct question about the possibility of contesting elections from Varanasi, that if the party asks her she will contest from anywhere.

The Congress general secretary said in a Nookak Sabha in Ayodhya that only 15 km of the 150 km long road sanctioned in Varanasi during the tenure of the Congress-led Congress government in the center was constructed and there have also been a large number of potholes .

Priyanka, who reached Ayodhya for the first time after becoming the Congress General Secretary, said that the people of Varanasi are witness that the Prime Minister did not go to rural areas of his own parliamentary area during his nearly five-year tenure. The whole world, including America, China, Japan and Africa, roam the whole world but they did not get the time for their own area. This is a big deal. Because it shows that the heart of this government has started to make the industrialists richer, not to raise the poor.

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