Sanjay will become a crisis on the politics of Om Prakash, the BJP has joined hands with Nisha

Sanjay will become a crisis on the politics of Om Prakash, the BJP has joined hands with Nisha
31 Mar

Several implications of the emergence of BJP’s Nishad leader Sanjay Nishad are being highlighted between the ongoing debate between Subhaspa president Om Prakash Rajbhar and BJP, which has become the Opposition despite being in government.
It is believed that even after looking at the Rajbhar Ketan with the Lok Sabha seat for a few days, the BJP has tried to stop backward by launching ‘Nishad’ for his biting.

Political analysts say that due to Nishad, the importance of Rajbhar in the BJP is being considered. Although Rajbhar says that Nishad’s arrival to his political health will not make any difference.

Sources say that suddenly, approaching Sanjay Nishad of BJP is not unmatched. Rather, in the last 15 days of the Lok Sabha seat, the BJP was looking for their cut in view of the statehood.
This was because the BJP had done better in the 2014 Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly of 2017, with Patel and Rajbhar being considered influential in the backward castes. Given the high level of Lenin Rajbhar, the BJP seemed to have realized that if there is some damage from the Raj Bhavan then any other option should be prepared to compensate them.

It is also BJP’s strategy that if Omprakash is the only leader, then the impact of Om Prakash will be reduced by leading one or two leaders of this community already present in the BJP.

Sources say that the possibility of getting the Rajbhar seat from Sanjay Nishad by BJP has also ended. At the same time, the BJP has also conveyed that the importance of Rajbhar for the BJP was in the 2017 elections, it has not been left in this Lok Sabha election.
Monopoly of Rajbhar to be broken by Nishad
It is believed that Om Prakash Rajbhar’s ‘Monopoly’ (monopoly) will be broken by coming with Sanjay Nishad’s BJP. According to sources, BJP has tried to use the majority of Nishad castes and its related 6-7 sub-castes in the backward areas through Sanjay Nishad.

In the extreme backward, the Nishad community has a population of about 12 percent, which is the highest in the entire population of the backward castes. Therefore, the BJP has brought Sanjay Nishad together with the resentment of Rajbhar to avoid possible losses.
No loss to Nishad from Subhashpa: Rajbhar
On the other hand, Om Prakash Rajbhar says that Sanjay Nishad’s coming to the BJP will not make any difference to the political health of Subhaspa. Rajbhar said that the Nishad community is divided into different camps and there are different leaders of all the villages.

That is why he will not be able to get the BJP many benefits. Rajbhar says that Gorakhpur is such a seat, where the Nishad can benefit the BJP from some point of view. He said that whether Subhaspa should be kept or not, this decision is to be done by the BJP only.

Regarding contesting elections, Rajbhar said that the BJP has no right to not give the seat but it is not in his bus to prevent Subhaspa from contesting the elections. But we will decide on this one April.

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