Vijay Mallya says- ‘PM Modi has said that the recovery has been done, now the BJP will not be behind’

Vijay Mallya says- ‘PM Modi has said that the recovery has been done, now the BJP will not be behind’
01 Apr

LONDON: The liquor baron Vijay Mallya, who has left the country, claimed on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently admitted to seizing assets worth over Rs 14,000 crore (Mallya) in an interview. Mallya said that this statement of Prime Minister Modi confirms his claim that he is fully recovered from him and used by the BJP-led government as a ‘poster boy’.

Mallya charges fraud and money laundering with banks

Mallya said in a statement on Twitter that the Prime Minister himself admitted that the real estate was more than his alleged liability of Rs 9,000 crore (Mallya’s). Mallya is accused of fraud and money laundering with banks. He is in the UK and is facing an extradition case from the Indian agencies.

I used to be like poster boy – Mallya

Mallya said, “I used to be used as a poster boy, my affirmation of this statement itself makes the statement of the Prime Minister that his government has accumulated more from me as much as I was told to be the outstanding of the banks. “He said that” the fact that I am a resident of Britain since 1992 has been ignored, because I think the BJP is right for the sake of the fugitive. ”

Mallya has been recovering more than the amount of money that was fraudulent – Modi

This comment by Mallya came after a recent interview by Prime Minister Modi. Modi had said that Mallya had been recovering more than the amount of rupees he had committed, and it is a big victory for India. Modi said in the interview, “If you look at the case of Vijay Mallya, the banks had owed 9,000 crores of rupees to them but the government has seized the property worth more than Rs 14,000 crores in the world. Now their problem is that we are doubling them. ”

Still, the BJP spokesperson said that Mallya

Commenting on this statement, Mallya said, “I saw the interview of Prime Minister Modi in which he took my name and said that even though I had outstanding of 9,000 crores of banks, but his government seized assets worth Rs 14,000 crore Are. Now that the top leadership of the government has confirmed full recovery, then the BJP spokespersons are still sitting in the rows of their names. “Significantly, their now closed airline company Kingfisher with banks There is a charge of fraud.

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