Rahul Gandhi’s big stake, said- By the year 2020, 22 lakh government posts will be filled

Rahul Gandhi’s big stake, said- By the year 2020, 22 lakh government posts will be filled
01 Apr

New Delhi: Congress President Rahul Gandhi has played another big bets after the judiciary. Bets in the election season are the biggest problem related to employment in the country, let us know that 22 lakh government posts are vacant in today’s date. Rahul claimed that till March 31, 2020, we will recruit all the posts. Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter: “There are 22 lakh vacancies in the government today. We will fill these vacancies by March 31, 2020. For health, education etc., the center will be linked to these vacant posts filled with funds transfer to each State Government. ”

Actually the Congress manifesto is going to be released. In this, the Congress can declare the scheme of urban employment guarantee scheme after the scheme. Under this scheme, employment of at least 100 days will be available. Income from 4 thousand to 10 thousand rupees a month will be guaranteed, Congress can promise farmers a debt waiver of up to two lakhs.

In the past, Rahul had promised that if the government is formed then 72 thousand rupees will be added in the accounts of the poor. Rahul Gandhi said in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, about the scheme of 72 thousand rupees a month, ‘I am not Modi. I do not lie He said that he will give you 15 lakh rupees. It was a lie. Their government can not give 15 lakh rupees to your bank account, but if our government comes, then the poor people of the country will be given Rs. 72 thousand per year. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi promised that if his party comes to power in the coming Lok Sabha elections then Andhra Pradesh will be given special status.

Today Rahul Gandhi will strengthen the fort of South

After contesting from the south also Congress President Rahul Gandhi is busy strengthening the fort of South. Rahul Gandhi will address three election meetings in Telangana today Will address the rally at 12 noon at 12 noon, will organize public meeting at 2 pm at Wanaparthi and address the public meeting at Huzuranagar at 4 pm.

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