Barabanki captain will be suspended, allowed by Election Commission

Barabanki captain will be suspended, allowed by Election Commission
04 Apr

The role of SP office has been found to be suspect in the recovery case of Rs 65 lakh in the consideration of Barabanki cyber crime cell incharge Anoop Kumar Yadav. Now the state government has sought permission from the Election Commission to suspend SP Dr. Satish Kumar and appoint a new captain.
Anoop has already been arrested in the case of recovery. Sources say that in the matter of recovering Rs 65 lakh from trust trading company in Barabanki, the role of police in the district was questioned.

It is alleged that the people of the company were threatened by calling in the SP’s office. There was also a case of Drithi’s slow down in this matter. When the top police officers questioned him, he could not give a satisfactory answer.

DGP OP Singh had given the principal secretary of the house Arvind Kumar a proposal to take action against the SP. The proposal was sent to Home Secretary Anup Chandra Pandey from the Home Department. The state government has agreed on the proposal.
This is the case
Shankar Gaikan of Faith Trading Company had filed an FIR in Hazratganj Kotwali in Lucknow and accused Anup Kumar Yadav in charge of Cyber ​​Crime Cell and his associates with recovery of Rs. 65 lakhs.

The allegation was that Anoop called the company’s Prasanjit Sardar, Shankar Gaikan and Dhiraj Srivastava in the office of the Superintendent of Police on January 10, with the excuse of investigating the fraud case registered against the company.

With the demand of Rs 65 lakh, the company threatened to shut down its residence from there. He gave 65 lakh due to fear. Anoop again called on 11 January and sent him to jail.

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