Sonia and Rahul will address opposition leaders at the Talkatora Stadium

Sonia and Rahul will address opposition leaders at the Talkatora Stadium
06 Apr

New Delhi: Before the Lok Sabha elections, the opposition has attacked the Modi government. Today, in the presence of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress President Rahul at the Talkatora Stadium in Delhi, a big platform will be organized by the leaders of opposition parties. Sonia and Rahul will address the opposition leaders in the program Its aim is to bring opposition parties under the NDA government under a minimum shared program.

Preparing three levels for the removal of NDA government

It is being organized through a rich India organization. These include the NGOs and civil society organizations in more than 200 areas. The same parties that Sonia Gandhi had recently seen in solidarity with the opposition parties have been called in this meeting. These organizations have prepared at three levels to remove the NDA government.

First, the opposition parties will come together, when they match their manifesto, these organizations found that about 42 things are similar. There are 15 such important things that are in everyone Concerning them, the organization will advocate opposition parties accept it under the minimum common program and hopefully everyone will accept it. Second, a charge sheet has also been prepared. What has happened in all the sectors of the NDA government in this? This charge sheet will be launched. At the same time, it will be announced that these organizations will go home all over the country with both of these things.

What is the purpose of this program?

It is believed that millions of people have been associated with these organizations, who will campaign against the NDA government. Actually, the theme of this whole campaign is on the lines of 2004. In addition, in the 2019 elections, the public has to try to present a common and progressive agenda. Apart from this, the future of a non-BJP joint-coalition government in the future is also going to be renewed to a new minimum program.

The big leaders of these parties will join the program

In this program, Congress, CPI, CPM, DMK, RJD, TDP, NCP, National Conference, AAP, JDS, TMC, Yogendra Yadav will participate in Swaraj India and CPIL. The prominent speakers include UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and party president Rahul Gandhi from Congress, Sitaram Yechury from CPM, D Raja from CPI, Manoj Jha from RJD, TKS Elangovan from DMK, Yogendra Yadav and Kavita Krishnan of CPIML.

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