Islamic law now fully implemented in Brunei

Islamic law now fully implemented in Brunei
07 Apr

The Brunei King has announced the implementation of the complete Islamic laws in his country.
According to News Tasnim’s report, Brunei Narsa Sultan Hassanal Bulkiya has declared fully Islamic law in his country, that now in this country, cutting off hands on gambling and mitigating the culprits of homosexual sex and adultery (stone Punish the death penalty) will be punished. As soon as Islamic law is enacted in Brunei, this country has come to the first place in countries implementing the Shariah Penal Code at the national level in Eastern or Southeast Asia. In this way, he has joined the list of most of the countries in South Asia like Saudi Arabia. Under the new law, there is a provision for death sentence for rape and robbery.

Brunei King Sultan Hassanal Bulkia said in his public address to his country’s capital Bandit Seri Begawan, “I want to see Islamic education strengthening in this country.” He emphasized that Brunei is a fair country and the environment is safe and harmonious for visitors. Meanwhile, the government officials of Brunei have also confirmed that Islamic law has now become fully implemented in our country, so it is important that the person who wants to travel to our country must first take the new laws of our country Be sure to get information about

It is worth noting that the process of implementing Islamic law in rich country rich in oil and gas had begun in 2014, but in the first phase the offense related to imprisonment and fines was determined and now in the second phase, Islamic law is officially Has been implemented.

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