Lok Sabha Elections 2019: The fate of 96 candidates of UP in the first phase today will be closed in EVM

Lok Sabha Elections 2019: The fate of 96 candidates of UP in the first phase today will be closed in EVM
11 Apr

In the elections held for the formation of the 17th Lok Sabha, in the first phase of eight seats in Uttar Pradesh, polling will be held from 7 am to 6 pm on April 11. The fate of 96 candidates in Saharanpur, Karaana, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor, Meerut, Baghpat, Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddha Nagar will be closed in EVM. Chief Election Officer L. In the first phase, Venkateswara Loo has claimed to have imparted fair and peaceful polling on 16,635 polling booths of all 6575 polling booths.

CEO Lu said in a press conference on Wednesday that there are 1,52,68,056 voters in eight Lok Sabha constituencies in 10 districts, 83,27,469 males, 69,39,761 females and 826 third gender voters. 273032 are aged 18 to 19 and 271565 are above 80 years of age.

Ghaziabad has the highest number of 27,26,132 voters, while Baghpat has the lowest number of 16,05,254 voters. He said that armed soldiers of paramilitary forces will be deployed to ensure security and law and order during the polling on 3176 sensitive polling stations of eight seats.

He said that digital cameras have been installed at 1581 booths, webcasting will be done on 816 video cameras and 1741 booths. He informed that in eight seats, 27530 EVM ballet units, 21249 control units and 22741 VVPat machines will be installed. He said that out of 96 women candidates are women. BJP 8, Congress 6, BSP 4, Samajwadi Party 2, RLD 2 and other parties and independents.

Management of safety
The CEO said that 1220 Sector Magistrate, 254 Zonal Magistrate and 88 Static Magistrates have been deployed to monitor the polling booths during polling. 8 general supervisors, 4 police supervisors, 8 expenditure observers and 40 assistant expenditure supervisors have been deployed. In addition, 1751 micro observers have been deployed.

243 MSCC teams, 434 Statics Surveillance Team and 434 Flying Squad Team have been constituted for monitoring the code of conduct and voting. A total of 75,366 employees have been deployed to vote in eight seats. 3263 light vehicles and 3611 heavy vehicles have been planted in the polling work.

Leave today
The CEO said that public holiday will remain in ten districts of all eight Lok Sabha constituencies. Factories, commercial establishments and shops will also be closed.

Lok Sabha constituency Total voters Male Female 3rd gender

Saharanpur 1736881 928665 808134 82

Carana 1661963 895685 766185 93

Muzaffarnagar 1692313 915804 776398 111

Bijnor 1659659 891409 768170 80

Meerut 1888376 1029220 859023 133

Bagpat 1605254 886345 718824 85

Ghaziabad 2726132 1517276 1208747 109

Gautam Buddha Nagar 2297478 1263065 1034280 133

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