Meeting of military cooperation between Iran and Oman in Mesqat

Meeting of military cooperation between Iran and Oman in Mesqat
15 Apr

The eleventh meeting of the Military Friendship Committee of Iran and Oman began on April 13 in the capital of Oman.

In this joint meeting Tehran is represented by Maj Gen Qadir Nezami in charge of International Affairs of the Armed Forces of Iran. This bilateral meeting in Oman will continue till April 19 It is very important to ensure their safety in view of the importance of waterways. To ensure the safety of waterways in the Bay of Fars, Oman Sea and the Indian Ocean, Masses is the central point of the meeting. For this purpose, co-operation between the regional countries at the regional level is necessary. Strategically, Iran has special significance in the field. Within Tehran, the ability to confront the threat of every type of enemy is found. Efficiency is also found within Iran for the protection of water areas.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is recognized as one of the strengths of the region due to some of its characteristics. To understand this reality, the service of Iranian military advisers can be seen in Iraq for the purpose of fighting terrorism, which played a significant role in the destruction of terrorist group Dyesh. Admiral Habibullah Sayyari, deputy coordinator of the Armed Forces of Iran, says that Iran does not want to encroach on neighbors or harm other countries’ interests, but if such an opportunity comes, Well prepared. This capability shows that Iran has the full capacity to cooperate in the military sector. Iran and Oman have mutually cooperated in the form of two coastal countries of Hormuz Water Damro Central. Military meetings that have been banned between the two countries have kept the area from foreign interference. For the sake of ensuring the security of the region, there has always been a challenge for foreign interference, regional peace and security. Under these circumstances, a joint military meeting between Iran and Oman can be seen in this perspective.

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